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  • You may raise invoice(s) twice a month. By or before 15th or 30th of every month.
  • Maintain a track sheet of all the jobs done in a month and send a consolidated invoice.

Payment Terms

  • 45 days
  • All invoices marked towards Perfectrans should be sent to invoice.centre@perfectrans.com
  • All invoices should bear the Purchase Order Number, Project Number, Word or Char count, Delivery Date, Amount and Taxes applicable if any
  • You should ask for the Purchase Order from the respective project manager. Ideally you should receive it as soon as the project starts but sometimes due to internal procedures it takes time to create the project number and hence the delay.
  • Payment Processing:
  • All invoices received amid first fortnight of a month will be paid on end of the subsequent month. Eg: If you raise invioce on 10th March, Invoice Centre will consider it on 15th and then add 45 days to it – accordingly payment will be transferred by 30th April)
  • Email based invoice is accepted.
  • Some other key guidelines from governance point of view:

    • Please ask the Perfectrans Project manager to send a written confirmation about the start of project. So that you have something in writing.
    • Please ask the Perfectrans Project manager to give you the Purchase Order at the earliest. This is required by you for your invoicing.
    • Raise the invoice on time.
    • Post delivery, after 3 months of time; delete all files received from Perfectrans from your mail box, desktop so that confidentiality and privacy of client is ensured.

    Do’s and don’ts of invoicing

    Assuring you best of our cooperation.

    Payments Team