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India is the land of diversity. India has 26 official and around 150 un-official languages. However, majorly 14 languages cover all India Markets.

We Translate, Transcribe and Record (Voice Over) regularly in these 14 languages: Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Konkani, Punjabi and Rajasthani.

In addition to linguistic excellence, we offer specialized knowledge in a specific field or industry. Most of our team members are Masters or PhD holders, and all possess a minimum of five years’ experience in professional translating.

We are also ISO-certified, our stringent quality processes ensures that all of your translation projects meet the most uncompromising quality standards

We offer 2 service levels

Translation & Editing

Translation and editing by native

Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP)

Translation and editing by a native and proofreading by another native.

With both the service levels,
we offer automated non-linguistic check at no cost.

As we are adept with all leading CATs so formatting will be preserved.
As a result you’ll get transalted DOC, PPT or InDesign file with upto 90% of formatting done.


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Special font systems for Print Media

Most of time, Unicode fonts are not artistically up to the mark. In print media, you may need high quality agile fonts. For same we have Shree-Lipi and ISM font systems. These systems are very useful in book translation or newsletters.

We’re adept in using almost all leading CATs

Table for Indian Languages

Language Code Script Font (Unicode) Native speakers (in millions)
Hindi HIN Devanagari Mangal, Arial Unicode MS 366 M
Marathi MAR Devanagari Mangal, Arial Unicode MS 68.0 M
Bengali BEN Bangla lipi Vrinda, Sonar Bangla 207 M
Punjabi PAN Gurumukhi, Shahmukhi Raavi 57.1 M
Gujarati GUJ Brahmic Shruti 46.1 M
Telugu TEL Telugu lipi (Brahmic) Gautami, Vani 69.7 M
Oriya ORI Odia alphabet Kalinga 32.3 M
Assamese ASM Assamese alphabet Vrinda 15.4 M
Malayalam MAL Malayalam Script Kartika 35.7 M
Kannada KAN Kannada alphabet Tunga 35.3 M
Tamil TAM Tamil Alphabet (Brahmic) Latha, Vijaya 66.0 M
Kashmiri KAS Perso-Arabic script Arial Unicode MS, Tahoma 10 M
Urdu URD Arabic Arial Unicode MS, Tahoma 60.3 M
Rajasthani RAJ Devanagari Mangal 50-80 M
Hindi HIN Devanagari Mangal, Arial Unicode MS 366 M
Manipuri MNI Meithei, Brahmi Vrinda, Sonar Bangla 1.25 M
Konkani KOK Devanagari Mangal 7.4 M
Nepali NEP Devanagari Mangal 25 M

If you need any other Indian language which is not listed above, please do not hesitate to send us your files because we will most likely be able to deal with that too.