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Payment Procedure Guidelines

  • Invoice
    • Payments will be done against the Purchase Orders directly. You DO NOT need to raise invoices.
    • Payment Terms: 45 days
      • Example: Purchase Orders issued in 1st week of February will be paid by 15th of March.
      • Please ensure you have received the Purchase Orders for the task completed within a fortnight.
  • Payment Processing:
      • All Purchase Orders will be paid in 45 days. All Purchase Orders issued between the 1st and 15th of a month will be paid on 30th of the next month. All Purchase Orders sent between Aug 1st to 15th. will be paid by September 30th. And all Purchase Orders issued between 16th and 30 of the same month will be paid by Oct, 15th.)

Some other key guidelines from governance point of view-

  1. Please ask the Perfectrans Project manager to send a written confirmation about the start of project. So that you have something in writing.
  2. Please ask the Perfectrans Project manager to give you the PO to ensure timely payment.
  3.  After a period of 2 months; delete all files received from Perfectrans from your mailbox, desktop so that confidentiality and privacy of client is ensured.

Assuring you best of our cooperation.

Payments Team